Explore a New Ground Breaking Pedagogy: Contemplative Pedagogy

Open to: High School Science Teachers
Opportunity at a Glance: 
Contemplative Education Project: Fostering Belonging in STEM.
During this course participants will be trained in the theory and practice of contemplative pedagogy and design strategies to incorporate contemplative pedagogy into your science curriculum. Contemplative pedagogy is a revolutionary pedagogy that allows students to be the driving force behind their learning. The objectives of contemplative pedagogy are to do the following: 

  • Cultivate-self inquiry, personal meaning and creativity;
  • Deepen the understanding and connection to course content; and
  • Enhance students focus and attention and (d) foster interpersonal relationships.

Key dates:  August 1st – December 15th
Location: Zoom (hosted by Lehman College)
Registration deadline: Friday July 22

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For more information: sunyata.smith@lehman.cuny.edu