Immigrant New York with Rebecca Kobrin: An Academy for Teachers master class

Consider the intersection of immigration, race, and politics in cities throughout the world using the great immigrant city of New York as an example.

Biochemistry in Elementary STEM: Modeling Strategies for Grades K-5

Become familiar with chemistry topics like using the periodic table to predict atomic properties, modeling chemical bonding, and interpreting chemical structures to find their function.

Recipe for Reading Phonics Program Workshop

This full-day workshop trains participants in the use of Recipe for Reading – a multi-sensory phonics program useful for teachers in need of a comprehensive decoding program that can be used with minimal support.


Apply to participate in a year-long program called History by Design. Engage in learning through field trips and activities with partner cultural institutions.

Explore NYC’s Watersheds: Apply for the Wave of Action Program

Learn strategies to incorporate hands-on science instruction and service-learning in an after-school club.

Participate in Cornell STEM Workshop at Weill Cornell Medical College

The focus of this workshop will be on presenting hands-on Science activities that can be used in your classroom.

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