A Teacher’s Toolkit: Practical moves for new teachers

Open to: New teachers Opportunity at a Glance: Teaching is a complex, yet rewarding profession. At the start, new teachers can be overwhelmed by its myriad of

Fostering Lively Literature Circles – Book Clubs in High School (grades 9-12)

High school teachers will explore instructional practices to foster lively literature circle lessons that focus on strategies to deepen reading comprehension, foster rich academic discussions, and boost student agency.

Free Online Course: STEM Education in the 21st Century

Register for this 10-week online course, STEM Education in the 21st Century, today.

Women in China with Dorothy Ko: An Academy for Teachers master class

Explore the lives of women in pre-modern and contemporary China through Confucianism, foot-binding, and livelihood with Barnard College historian Dorothy Ko.

Explore Acadience (DIBELS) Foundational Reading Skills Assessments, Grades K-6

The Acadience Reading two-day professional learning series will provide participants in depth knowledge around the Big Ideas of Reading with an emphasis on phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency.

Per Session Opportunity: Produce a Subsidized Broadway Musical with The Shubert Foundation/MTI Broadway Junior Program

Participate in Broadway Junior, a sustainable musical theatre program supporting middle school teachers and students to produce a full-scale musical.

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