Building Collections to Meet the Needs and Interests of All Learners

develop a culturally relevant and engaging collection of instructional resources and materials that foster a love of reading which meets the age appropriate needs and interests of all learners.

Explore 3 Phonics Programs – HD Word, Boost and Blitz in Grades 4-8

This full-day workshop will provide training in three phonics programs, HD Word, Boost and Blitz.

Experience The New York Aquarium and Ocean Stewardship

Explore Ocean Wonders: Sharks!, an engaging new exhibition that connects teachers to the ocean and inspires ocean stewardship.

Building ADA Compliant Websites and Documents

Learn about the tools available to evaluate accessibility and design considerations for images, Word documents, Excel files, Powerpoint presentations and PDF documents.

Explore the Humanities and Social Sciences at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

Classes to public school teachers are being offered at a discount: just $100 per course, which is 70% off normal tuition.

Pizza & PD: Manifest Destiny & Westward Expansion

Using maps and other primary sources, explore the impact of Manifest Destiny and the rapid growth of the country.

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