Holocaust and Human Behavior Online Course

Explore current scholarship on the history of the Holocaust. Learn strategies that help students think critically and discuss controversial issues respectfully.

Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird Online Course

Join Facing History for our online course which will help you deepen students’ understanding of the novel, enrich their knowledge of history, and illuminate fundamental questions of human behavior.

Join The Met Professional Learning Community

Apply to join the 2020-2021 cohort of The MET Professional Learning Community (MetPLC). We’ll select an exemplary group of teachers to participate in this immersive, socially engaged professional learning community.

Participate in our Summer Singapore Math Institute

Open to: All Math Teachers. Opportunity at a Glance: A multi-day series led by two national consultants with deep expertise in Singapore Math. Cost: $250 for

Apply to be a Host Teacher for the Academy’s Scientist-in-Residence Program

NYC middle and high school STEM teachers who are interested in finding new ways to engage their students in authentic science learning are encouraged to apply to Scientist-in-Residence.

Balance Arts Logo

Immersive Alexander Technique Summer Trainings for Teachers

Join our summer trainings and embark on an in-depth study of the Alexander Technique. This program will guide you towards finding a better balance and dynamic body posture that you will learn to apply to all of your activities.

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