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We encourage you to submit all NYCDOE events to us. If you are submitting for the first time, please read through the guidelines below.

I Teach NYC Newsletter Overview & Submission Guidelines

I Teach NYC is a website designed for teachers and managed by the Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality (TRQ). We draw our content from across the DOE working through a rolling submissions cycle. I Teach NYC seeks to publish free or low-cost opportunities for professional development, leadership and resources of direct and timely value to teachers.

Please submit your opportunity via this form (which uses the template format below).


  • Opportunity/Announcement Headline:
  • Open To:
  • Opportunity at a Glance (25-50 words):
  • Registration Date (if applicable):
  • Event Date:
  • Application/Registration site:
  • Location (borough):
  • For more information:
  • Follow-up contact (for contributor reviewing):
  • Select a category that fits best: financial resource or professional development or leadership development

General Guidelines:

  • Keep submissions concise. Teachers are bombarded with information and are selective about what they read.
  • Write in clear, simple and friendly language (free of jargon, central office acronyms) in a voice that speaks directly to a teacher audience.
  • Use language instead of exclamation points to engender excitement and urgency. • Priority is given to submissions that are relevant and of value to all teachers, or to a large subset of teachers
  • Provide hyperlinks as URLs to ensure accuracy. (If they are not available at the time of submission, but will be created within 8 business days, please note this by writing PENDING in parentheses.)

Specific Guidelines: Please consult the NYC DOE Style Guide for any specific grammar or formatting questions, including:

  • Dates (please include the day of week)
  • Time of day (use two periods when using the terms “a.m.” and “p.m.” – eg. 8:20 a.m.)
  • Location: The preference is to state only the borough of your event and to have the specific street address or location on your registration link via hyperlink
  • Write out URLs to ensure accuracy.
  • What is offered: If the opportunity offers per session, a stipend, refreshments, etc. please include in the description.
  • Permission: If the opportunity requires school/principal permission, include that in the description.
  • “For more information”: Unless your office has a different preference, we recommend you provide a general office email address and/or telephone number. We do not recommend the inclusion of direct dial phone numbers.

Submissions must meet one of the following criteria:

  • an actionable leadership, career growth, or learning opportunity,
  • a financial resource (eg. grants, Teacher’s Choice, awards with stipends attached) that directly benefits teachers or their classrooms
  • timely information that supports teachers in their professional development
  • free or low cost

Review Process:

I Teach NYC accepts submissions on a rolling basis. Since we are an official NYC DOE site, submissions that fall into the categories listed below will receive an addition round of review by one or more offices. (All submissions will be edited to fit the format guidelines and the tone of the website.) Our review process is designed to ensure teachers do not receive information before their principals do, and that all communications coming from the NYC DOE are aligned. Eligible submissions will be posted to the website within 8 business days, including the additional rounds of review.

Does Your Submission Include …?*

  • Labor and/or contractual benefits or requirements for teachers → Office of Labor Relations
  • Principal involvement, teacher policies, and/or operations (excluding professional learning opportunities during the school day) →  Office of School Support
  • Equity & Excellence initiatives → Press Office
  • School Renewal Program → Press Office
  • Advance and teacher evaluation-related content → Press Office
  • Events/ opportunities around race and LGBTQ issues →  Press Office

If Yes, We will Conduct an additional cycle of review by the offices listed after each subject.

*If your content falls into more than one category above, we will coordinate with all the necessary offices to get their feedback and approval.

See examples of published posts to get a feel for how we share information. If you have additional questions, contact us on our online form.