Webinar: Find Your Ideal School Fit

Learn prompts for self-reflection and tips on questions to ask to gain insight into the school’s actual culture, quality of leadership, pedagogical flexibility, and red flags.

Ace the Teacher Interview

Join a low-pressure interactive workshop where you will ask and be asked questions to prepare for your next interview.

Learn the latest resources, tools and techniques for supporting your immigrant students

Learn how to integrate themes of migration into classroom and school culture, build relationships among all your students, and create more welcoming environments for everyone in this free, interactive, online workshop.

Classroom Management: Two Webinars

Learn new skills in classroom management and how to develop and strengthen relationships with all students by promoting positive behavior, and to identify the source of the misbehavior by analyzing when and why it occurs.

Earn three CTLE hours by participating in online Anti-Bias training

Access an online interactive training and complete online sessions that are focused on identifying, addressing, and preventing bullying and bias-based behavior in schools.