Explore the practice of Guided Reading

Open to: K-6 Educators
Opportunity at a Glance: How can you overcome missed learning opportunities created by COVID, particularly when it comes to reading?

Guided Reading — A highly effective approach to engaging and supporting students at all levels.  This teaching strategy can help you support readers in your classroom while advancing their reading levels.  In this course, we will investigate the practice of guided reading and learn how it can fit within the scope of your instruction.  This course will allow you to explore systems and structures to promote guided reading, consider best practices for implementing a guided reading lesson (both in-person and online), and monitor progress towards goals.
Key dates:  Asynchronous online course: Nov 16th, 2020 – Dec 2020. Participate on days/times of your choosing.
Location: Online
Registration deadline: 11/23/2020
Take action: https://cpet.tc.columbia.edu/best-practices-for-guided-reading.html
For more information: https://cpet.tc.columbia.edu/best-practices-for-guided-reading.html