Teaching with Primary Source Documents: Immigration and White Supremacist Group in the 1920s:

Open to: Social Studies Teachers
Opportunity at a Glance: How do hate groups influence mainstream opinions and government policy? In this free webinar, we will examine primary source documents from the White Supremacist Group in the 1920s, as well as hate propaganda at other points in United States history, to understand how extremist messages continue to impact rhetoric and policy today.  Using these materials, you will learn strategies for teaching critical analyses of primary source documents and promoting thoughtful connections between the past and present with your students.
Key dates:  Tuesday March 16th from 1:00p.m.-2:00p.m.
Location: online
Registration deadline: 03/16/2021

Take action: Learn more and register here: https://www.ilctr.org/promoting-immigrants/immigration-1920s-kkk/
For more information: Contact Ariana Moir at amoir@ilctr.org