Portrayals of Women in Television and Its Effect on Our Readers

Open to: All Teachers
Opportunity at a Glance: Join us as Rebekah Fisk, Director of Education at The Paley Center for Media, leads us on a multi-media interactive experience. 
Together we will look at the different portrayals of women in media and the images and the roles we see women playing most frequently.

In addition to, exploring how these portrayals impact the biases and predispositions our readers bring to characters in a book even before they open the cover.

Leave with free, ready to implement, curricular materials that are perfect for both in-person and online learning.

This is a FREE event offered by the English Language Arts Committee of the U.F.T.
Key dates:  Thursday, March 18th 2021
Location: This event will occur online.
Registration deadline: 03/18/2021
Take action: Register using this free link https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYkd-GopzgpGtLydWNmOf0XraI-OCfZyAM2
For more information: Adam Kinory at Akinory@nycenglishcommittee.org