Speaker Series: Dragonflies and Damselflies: Ecology, Evolution and Use in Education

Open to: 6th –12th Grade Teachers
Opportunity at a Glance: Join us for a special evening for educators with Dr. Jessica Ware, Associate Curator, Invertebrate Zoology, Odonata & non-Holometabolous Minor Orders.   
Dr. Ware uses morphology and genetics/genomics to unravel the evolutionary history of insects.

Dragonflies and damselflies are terrific organisms to incorporate into K-12 grade curricula. They are commonly seen and tend to elicit a positive visceral response from students.  In this session, Dr. Ware will discuss how the evolution of color, dispersal, flight, and predation, can be highlighted using these insects in the classroom.

This session is free and offers CTLE credits.
Key dates:  Tuesday June 8th from 4:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.
Location: This event will be held online by the American Museum of Natural History
Registration deadline: 06/07/2021
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For more information: PL@amnh.org