Learn More about Green Beetz Curriculum- FREE REGISTRATION

Open to: Elementary and Middle School 4th-7th Grade Teachers
Opportunity at a Glance: Green Beetz provides teachers with a robust ready-to-teach curriculum on the modern food system, health, and sustainability for 4th-7th grade classrooms.  Green Beetz is a non-profit organization that provides its STEM-based, Next Generation aligned curriculum free of cost to all NYC DOE public school teachers (day school and after-school).

Through innovative media and hands-on activities, students learn about how their food choices matter; not just for the health.  Please apply on our website for free so you can access all our materials and resources and connect with us for assistance throughout the school year.
Key dates:  ongoing throughout Fall Semester
Location: Online
Registration deadline: 11/01/2021

Take action: https://greenbeetz.org/teachers-apply-now
For more information: Kira Cohen-Milo, kira@greenbeetz.org