Explore How to Know Every Student Well to Accelerate Language and Literacy (Grades K-5)

Open to: K-5 Educators of Multilingual Learners and English Language Learners (MLs/ELLs)
Opportunity at a Glance: In this 6 session series, we will do the following:

  • Explore what methods we can use to know our children well so they can bring their fullest selves into our classrooms;
  • Examine how to build student profiles that can both affirm what students bring to the classroom and identify their specific literacy needs;
  • Examine core language and literacy skills and how they can vary across languages and learning profiles; and
  • Finally, we will study how instruction can integrate and target code and meaning-based skills to accelerate literacy instruction for MLs/ELLs.

Key dates:  This 6 session series will occur monthly from 2:45p.m. – 4:15p.m. starting Tuesday, November 9th
Location: Virtual
Registration deadline: 11/05/2021

Take action: Register here
For more information: MAnderson16@schools.nyc.gov