Attend Social Emotional Learning Screener – Professional Learning Opportunities

Open to: SEL Implementation Leads
Opportunity at a Glance: In order to support Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Implementation Leads, teachers, and other school staff with next steps you are encouraged to attend one session of “I Completed the SEL Screener…Now What?”

“I Completed the SEL Screener” is a virtual 90-minute professional learning session that covers how to advance implementation of a multi-tiered system of support through thoughtful data analysis and intervention planning.  During this professional learning session school staff will learn how to leverage screener data to strengthen foundational SEL supports for all students as well as how to identify students who may benefit from additional support.

Key dates:  Sessions will be held during the school day on various dates and times from Monday November 29 through Monday December 6.
Location: Zoom
Registration deadline: Registration closes the day of the event.  Space, for this event, is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Take action: Please inform your principal of your interest and, if permitted, REGISTER HERE for “I Completed the SEL Screener…Now What?”
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