Teacher Leadership Developmental Video Series – The Lab Classroom

Artifact 1: Classroom Visit Note-Catcher and Debrief Protocol

This tool is utilized by teachers visiting a lab classroom at MS363.  Visiting teachers record low-inference notes related to the lens of “Discussion and Questioning.”  Following the classroom visit and note-taking, host teacher leaders and visiting teachers anchor their debrief discussion and next steps in these notes.

Artifact 2: Instructional Support Team Rolling Agenda

This artifact demonstrates the strategically designed rolling agenda utilized by MS363’s Instructional Support Team.  The focus of this meeting is around supporting all teachers in expanding their pedagogical practices around “Discussion and Questioning” through the use of an anonymous survey. This agenda model is based on templates developed by the Harvard educational researchers behind the Data Wise and Meeting Wise book series.

Artifact 3: Teacher Team Analysis of Colleague Survey Data

This artifact demonstrates MS363’s Teacher Leader team analysis of colleague survey results.  Colleagues anonymously shared thoughts on various “Discussion and Questioning” instructional practices. Teacher leaders then reviewed the results while surfacing noticings and wonderings, upon which they collectively determined potential next steps to support and expand instructional practice.