Jumpstart student engagement with professional learning activities on WeTeachNYC

Open to: All teachers.

Opportunity at a Glance: Student engagement in learning is the centerpiece of the Danielson Framework for Teaching. These three professional learning activities can support teacher teams in jumpstarting student engagement in their classrooms:

  • In the Grouping Students Thoughtfully, teachers examine the impact of grouping on learners’ varied experiences by engaging in a close reading and discussion of the article “I Got Grouped” by Cris Tovani.
  • In the Compliant or Engaged Learners activity, teachers distinguish between “compliant” and “engaged” students and plan next steps that ensure that all students are intellectually engaged learners.
  • In the Engaging Students through the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) activity, teachers identify levels of rigor as defined in the Depth of Knowledge framework, evaluate the rigor of questions, and adjust the rigor of activities and assignments using the Cognitive Rigor Matrix.

For more information: Email the Teacher Effectiveness team.