WeTeachNYC Resources for Looking Back and Looking Forward

Open to: All teachers.

Opportunity at a Glance: As 2016 wraps up and we begin a new year of teaching, here are two resources on WeTeachNYC that can be used to support reflection and planning.

  • Teacher Self-Reflection Tool – This tool can be used by teachers as a resource to guide their thinking as they reflect on their instructional practice, including areas of strength, areas for growth, current support, and desired future support.
  • Lesson Self-Reflection Tool – This resource contains a set of questions that teachers may use to self-assess their practice following a lesson. The questions guide teachers to reflect on evidence of student learning, lesson execution, planning, and next steps for professional development.
  • Protocols for Looking at Student Work – This collection contains a variety of protocols that teacher teams may use when analyzing student work and using evidence of student learning to drive instruction.

For more information: Email the Teacher Effectiveness team.