Bring an Attorney or a Judge to your Classroom

Open to: All teachers.

Opportunity at a Glance: Bring your class to an active courtroom or have an attorney or judge visit your classroom. The Law Related Education Committee at the New York County Lawyers’ Association continues its outreach program to schools and community groups. The longtime program consists of attorneys and judges visiting classrooms and speaking on a variety of topics regarding the law, the courts and the justice system. Among the topics are: Jobs in the Justice System; Law as a Career; Immigration Law; Criminal Law; Civil Law; Family Law; Commercial Law; Constitutional Law; Cheating; Bullying; Fairness/Justice; When do you need a lawyer?

Take action: Talk the opportunity over with your principal, then request a visit or a school trip to an active courtroom by contacting Justice Richard Lee Price via Azelia Cutts at the New York County Lawyers Association.

For more information:  Reach out to Azelia Cutts at (212) 267-6646 Ext 212 or via email.