A+ Course Credits: Obtain Your Second Salary Differential

Open to: All teachers.

Opportunity at a Glance: A+ Course Credits is a credit designation that was developed in 2019. Created in partnership between the DOe and the United Federation of Teachers (UFT). A+ credits are approved by a committee of UFT and DOE representatives, and are aligned with DOE educational priorities to promote teachers’ development of skills, knowledge, and methods aligned to the needs of the school system and students.

Beginning in the fall 2019 semester, all ASPDP courses were approved for A+ credit. Eligible teachers will be eligible for A+ credit if they register with ASPDP and the partner organization by the registration deadline, submit all applicable fees, and earn a passing grade in the course.

A+ Courses will support teachers developing their teaching practice and resultant impact on students and their learning. A+ Courses will be available from a range of providers and will include all “P-Credit” courses offered through the After School Professional Development Program (ASPDP). 

Take action: View A+ Course Credits on the ASPDP site. ASPDP can count towards fully appointed teacher salary differential requirements, including A+. Courses taken through ASPDP will also continue to count towards your CTLE hours.

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