Unpack New York State’s Accountability Standards

Open to: K-12 Educators
Opportunity at a Glance: The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is complex, and each measurement is a peek into how New York State (NYS) is defining student achievement and teacher performance.  This course will break down the complexities of NYS Accountability Standards and explore the indicators from ESSA that are critical to understanding New York State’s expectations for schools.

While schools wait for more guidance from New York State, we will explore the questions we are all grappling with:
– What is the current status of ESSA and its requirements?
– What does this status mean for goal setting?
– What does this status mean for comparative ranking?
– What can we do with data that is old and on hold?
Key dates:  Self-paced online course starting April 12th.  Participate on days/times of your choosing.
Location: Online
Registration deadline: 04/19/2021
Take action: https://cpet.tc.columbia.edu/exploring-essa.html
For more information: cpet@tc.edu