The History of American Education Part II: What Is School For? Thoughts on Teaching the History of Education with Academy Fellows Jenna Alden and Daniel Freund (CTLE credit available)

Open to: All Full-time Pre K-12 Classroom Teachers (Free- Public, Charter ad Independent Schools)
Opportunity at a Glance: Since the nation’s founding, Americans have cast their children’s education as central to democracy’s preservation.  Yet schools have often failed as great democratizers and, for better or worse, have helped to define what American democracy is and can be.  Two teachers who specialize in the history of education will argue that it can be a deeply engaging way to grapple with our nation’s tortured entanglements of race, class, gender, and power–and explore practical ways to insert the history of education into broader surveys of U.S. history.

Key dates:  Tuesday October 19, 2021 from 4:30 p.m. – 6:00p.m. EDT
Location: Virtual
Registration deadline: 10/18/2021

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