Registration for Free Green Beetz Membership with NatureBox Perks

Open to: STEM Teachers, Elementary and Middle School Teachers (4th-7th grade)
Opportunity at a Glance: Green Beetz is an innovative, holistic, STEM-based curriculum incorporating media and inquiry-based activities, aligned to the Common Core Standards that invites students to consider how food impacts the environment, their bodies and the world around them.  Our curriculum is free and fully accessible online with a free membership.  We have a donation from NatureBox this year and are happy to offer $250 worth of NatureBox snacks delivered to your classroom if you register with us by Monday October 17th. 

The Commitment: Your commitment is to teach some or all of the Green Beetz Modules to your students during the 2022- 23SY
Key dates:  Monday October 17th, 2022
Location: Online
Registration deadline: Monday October 17th

Take action: Register here to become a member
For more information: Kira Cohen-Milo,