Discover Ways to Engage Student Voice, Habits of Mind and Heart

Open to: High School Teachers and Administrators, dDstrict Administrators, Career Counselors
Opportunity at a Glance: Harvest Collegiate High School offers a rich and challenging intellectual education that engages students in the natural process of experience, questioning, the pursuit of precision, and reflection – the way people really learn.
This Lighthouse Collaborative visit will highlight the following:

  • Student- led seminar discussions;
  • Student voice in designing their education, including Capstone projects, ten Elective Choices, Open Honors classes; and
  • Participatory leadership in Advisory, Advisory Reps, Extracurriculars and School Life.

Key dates:  Thursday March 16  from 8:30a.m. -2:00p.m.
Location: Harvest Collegiate High School (02M534) 34 West 14th Street New York, NY 10011
Registration deadline: 03/14/2023
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