Jazz: Giving Voice to The Harlem Renaissance

Open to: All Teachers
Opportunity at a Glance: Join with colleagues from across the city and the Education Team of the National Jazz Museum in Harlem to learn a new approach to deepening our students’ understanding of print texts, their ambience, and the creative process that led to their development.

We will share context for the jazz movement, resources to integrate into the English curriculum, and strategies for developing a rhythm to your reading program.

Jazz permeates the work of great authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, August Wilson, and provides the soundtrack to the Harlem Renaissance.   Join us for another way to teach a love of reading.

Key dates:  Thursday January 13th from 4:30p.m. – 6:00p.m.
Location: This event will occur online.
Registration deadline: 01/13/2022
Take action: Register here
For more information: Questions? Email Adam Kinory, Akinory@nycenglishcommittee.org